The Face Behind the Words

Paging Doctor Me is all about sharing with you the one tool that has helped me navigate the waves of life….Guided Meditations.
I’m Marianella Yepez… the face behind the words.

Spirituality has drawn me in since my late teens, and even as I’ve gone through the different facets and developments of my life, spirituality has always been that one constant that brings real joy to my inner being.

But why choose to share guided meditations now?

Well…for five decades I considered myself to be a strong person, a go-get-ter, a modern and independent woman…that is, up to the point life dealt me a hand which shook me up so hard, it stripped away all the layers I had created to protect my core and left me weak, vulnerable, a bit dizzy and quite unsure of how to proceed.

My husband left this life, taken by cruel…Pancreatic Cancer.

As is with all major events in life, this one too proved to be a great teacher. There were a myriad of lessons learnt and perhaps the greatest one of all was that there are a multitude of people going through situations in their lives that run them completely off the course they had plotted. I noticed that many, like me, found it difficult to regain their footing.

I was fortunate enough to be able to embark on a journey, both physical and spiritual to find a path.  And although this path continues to evolve, meditation allows me to access the fuel that propels me and keeps me on road.

The sharing of these guided meditations is one way I choose to be there for others. Helping others access their own source of fuel, to find the answers they seek within themselves…to be their own spiritual healers.

Thus, Paging Doctor Me is in all reality People Helping People heal themselves.


from cell & DM 416Marianella Yepez is a mother of three. Has an Interior Design degree, a Marketing degree, a B.S. and M.S. in Metaphysics and a Ph.D. in Transpersonal Counseling