Guided Meditations

Meditation is simply….to connect with self.

Educate Mind and Emotions

We transform our lives when we slow down our physical, mental and emotional bodies!

Some of the benefits are:

  • Ground ourselves
  • Focus our attention
  • Acquire perspective
  • Control our emotional states
  • Diminish erratic thoughts
  • Eliminate repetitive thoughts
  • Examine our experiences as an observer
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve memory
  • Bring about feelings of peace and harmony

The guided meditations of Paging Doctor Me are not an exact science. The idea is to perform them in as they flow from within you and allow yourself to submerge into the moment, yet we give you some tips that might help to enhance the experience.

  • Sit or lie in a comfortable and safe position
  • Inhale and exhale through your nose
  • Breath in with your stomach, then your lungs. Exhale first your lungs and then your stomach
  • Loosen any clothing or accessory that might be too tight, including your shoes
  • Close your eyes loosely or leave them open and allow them to rest languidly on the screen
  • Avoid crossing legs or arms
  • If your mind wanders towards other thoughts, smile and return to the meditation
  • If you loose the meditation’s rhythm, smile and pick it up where you can
  • Make a mental note of images, sensations, feelings, smells or any other stimuli that comes to mind during the meditation, they are messages of aspects you should work on.

As a footnote let me add that the fact that you embrace and practice meditation, even if it’s in a regular schedule, this will have no effect on the circumstances, events or people in your life. It will, though change the way you perceive and act upon them, and this change in your attitude in turn will have an effect and transform everything around you.

Of course, as with everything else in life, no two individuals receive the same results. As stated before, this is not an exact science and although we hope you obtain the best possible results, there are absolutely no guarantees as to the outcome.