Creating Your Heart’s Desire

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Voluntarily or involuntarily we all constantly create that which we see as our reality in our daily lives.

It is though, important that we accept our true nature as “creators”, because only then, can we assume responsibility for everything we create. For reasons that go beyond the purpose of this post, most of earth’s societies were infested with a culture of negativity. Humans plan, talk, think and worry about their problems much more than they do about the good aspects of their lives.

We, and everything that we see around us is made of up energy. Our thoughts, words, actions…it’s all energy. It all pulsates at a certain frequency. As we keep problems in our minds and in our mouths, as we act out of fear of having more problems…we are generating a certain frequency…the frequency of the problems we are thinking about and therefore attract more of it.

Since frequencies resonate with similar frequencies, and reject those that are different, we attract those people and objects that have similar frequencies to the ones we are emitting and therefore create the circumstances we see manifested in our lives.

The process of creation is so simple that most humans cannot accept it to be valid. It is just a matter of completely and absolutely believing that you have that which you so desire to have. By feeling and thinking in such matter we emit the frequencies of the things we want in our lives and by that, attract them into our lives.

Therefore this meditation will request that you see, hear, feel and smell the object of your desire. The most important part of this meditation and thereafter, is that you feel, think and act as if you already have that which you desire in your life.

Any time the negative thought of not having what you desire in your life comes to mind, smile as if you’ve found yourself making a silly mistake and think “wait…! I already have that into my life, I’m just waiting for it to manifest”.

Creating your heart’s desire is that easy!

Do not doubt it, and …Enjoy you Creations!


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