Choosing Between Two Options

We have all felt, in one moment or another, that we can’t make a decision between two choices. No matter how much we try to organize our thoughts and list the benefits and drawbacks,it would appear we are in an endless cycle of endings and beginnings. This meditation will help you discern your what your heart senses to be the best option for you.

Throughout the meditation you will be invited to pay attention to composition, texture and color. As these will, not only help you focus on the meditation, but also provide further insight as to your true feelings. Use the following as reference, as you evaluate after the meditation. It would be best if you return to this list and not read through it before the meditation.

  • A shiny surface, might represent that the difficulty making a decision is pertaining to an aspect of yourself you need to resolve before a truly convenient course of action can manifest.
  • A rough surface, could indicate that the hardships endured in the process have forced the creation of a wall surrounding yourself that needs to be addressed
  • A dimpled surface, may be showing a sense of self that has been damaged and the need to do self love work to see the real you
  • Metals are detached
  • Stone is determined
  • Wood is loving and malleable
  • Fire is passionate
  • Ice is cold and hurtful
  • White is innocence, naivité
  • Green is truth
  • Orange is abundance
  • Red is passion
  • Brown is grounded
  • Pink is love
  • Yellow is wisdom
  • Blue is serenity


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